Baby is term

A 4th days birth asphyxia child home delivery by a dai. Pt on 2 antileptic drugs inj gardinal n inj epsolin Due partial sezier. Fst 2 days baby little active sucking presnt n also some movement present Bt day bi day baby gong on less active. N Mri brain severe thining of corpur calosum Crp 8 Tlc 19000 Pt on intranasal 02 Spo2 95 Without oxygen spo2 down n up 85 to 91 Not chng respiratory patrern n colour Giving antibiotic is inj tazar Inj amikacin.. What is output ds pt. What i do?



It appears that baby is in Stage-|| HIE, with high mortality/ or if survives may end up in disability/ Watch the baby...... Admit in NICU for Conservative Rx

Thank you doctor

Also see whether it’s lethargic,/ hypotonic/pin point pupil,/periodic breathing/ + seizures—-> indicate stage-|| HIE, will have neurological sequale.

Guarded prognosis Continue Same treatment or admit in NNICU

Thank you doctor

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