a 5 mm cut on left lateral sone degree ofhardness is there. pus discharge also is it any malignancy it is persist from last 2 months acording to pt please give your valuable advice

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Patient came to you after the abscess created a sinus tract which has opened near the Apex of 22, RCT will resolve this, if there is a big lesion then cystic enucleation with apicoectomy should be done. Best of luck

Severe attration with 23. Please post an iopa of the region. Maybe it’s a periapical abscess. Put the patient on antibiotics and follow up. If the lesion persists go for biopsy.

First take iopa and make drainage by opening the pulp of affected tooth and give dressing ... And antibiotics coverage. For one week. The go rct and crown.

No doesn't appear like any malignancy. Cud b a draining periapical lesion . Please take an iopa

Gross attrition with 23. Its periapical abscess. Put d patient on antibiotics after opening is done. Iopa required

Periapical abscess Severe cervical attrition Apiceectomy Drain abscess Antibiotics Analgesics Anatcid

Does patient present any other symptoms or eruptions on the body? IOPA needed

RCT required, bcoz of highly attrited 23 the tooth got affected

Attrition of teeth with gingival atrophy

Required to RCT or Cap

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