A 5-week-old boy presented to the hospital for increasing head circumference, failure to thrive, irritability, and vomiting. He had been well until 2 weeks of age and then developed back arching, and from 3 weeks, he began vomiting after every feed. He was awake for only 60 to 90 minutes at a time and did not respond to voice or loud noises. Plz, suggest the Dx?


Axial and sagital views are missing they would be really helpful to conclude the case further, however as of now it can be termed as congenital hydrocephalus and needs shunt surgery

Clinical feature suggestive of meningitis Which leads to hydrocephalus

Hydrocephalus secondary to neonatal meningitis

It would be great if we have all sections Axial, coronal and mid sagital Probability of congenital malformation leads to hydrocephalus is high Need shunt surgery NSX opinion for same..!

Dialated ventricles with increased intracranial pressure suggest HYDROCEPHALUS may be secondary to pyogenic meningitis

There is hydrocephalus which needs shunt. But with out axial view it is difficult to comment

Congenital hydrocephalus..needs shunt.. you mention 5 weeks old and label MRI at 15 months!

Congenital hydrocephalus Cerebellum and spine pics will help for further diagnosis

The symptoms are of raised ICP. He will need CSF diversion. Consider for shunt.

Hydrocephalus following neonatal meningitis.

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