A 50 year old male presented with comaints of Recurrent erythematous lesions at multiple site with itching as shown in the picture. How to manage this case? How to prevent recurrence??




Tinea corporis. Recurrent. Good hygiene. Separate soap and towels. Dried iron clothes. Candid powder and miconazole ointment. Tab fluconazole 150mg weekly for 6,weeks. Itraconazole 100mg OD for a month. Cetrizine 10mg HS. Check BSL HIV status. Please follow up the case.

T cruris and corporis. Stop steroid and give terbinafine and itraconazole and luliconazole for locally application

Tinea infection . Tab ifin 500 mg od cap canditral200 od tab polistan bd. Cream livafin

Tenia crurisis & tenia corporis Give tab fluconazol 150 mg Tab itraconazole 100mg Tab cetrizine 10mg Tab pantop Tab multivitamin Oint candid Candid soap Maintain cloth hygiene Investigate like diabetes Tuberculosis HIV

Dentists have deep knowledge of dermatology !!

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Taenia I nfection

Recalcitrant tinea infection (?)

@Dr. L.m. Patel - tinea cruris & corporis

Dermatophytosis. Investigate to rule out immunocompromised state. Attend to the cause immunosupression. Topical Luliconazole in the night. Terbenafine powder in the daytime. PO Itraconazole pulse therapy for 3 months. Improve HYGIENE.

Tinea infection Treatment is topical & Systemic anti fungal for 1 month

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