A 50-year-old man presents with worsening shortness of breath and a nonproductive cough. He has congestive heart failure and was treated 4 weeks earlier at a neighboring hospital. On examination, he has normal vital signs and marked bilateral pitting edema in the lower extremities. Chest radiograph attached Smoking-since 20 years appetite- normal thirst- normal desire- sour things stool- constipated urine- normal Thermals- hot Suggest diagnosis and treatment Doctors




Dr Ranjit Kumar Poriya Homeopathy Spot Picture Since X- Ray. Both Side Lung Vascular Marking. Chain Smoker. Pulmonary Edema. Require Investigation *Bronchoscopy. After Management Best Treatment Doctor.

Congestive heart disease.. Is the main.. Problem for this symtoms.... Secomd the smoking... Is also.. Danger to the health... Try to counseling pt for his bed habit.... Other wise the treatment is worse full...

COPD Emphysema Cardiomegaly Chronic bronchitis Plural effusion

Pulmonary edema due to CHF and resultant fluid overload evident by marked reticular opacities in xray. Orthopnea will be present if this is the case. Check PR, RR, JVP, oxygen saturation. Input output charting is must, tell patient to maintain a chart of urine output and fluid intake(including any shothhara kwath if prescribed) Consolidation in R side lower portion of upper lobe? Could be pneumonia(alveolar) or pulmonary edema(interstitial). No fever, no markers of inflammation, H/o CHF point towards edema. Pleural effusion R side is also present. Treat on lines of shotha, and durbalta of vyaan vayu bala if ejection fraction is low. But because condition is complicated by shwasa, always ensure you don't do too much Karshana using kaphahara drugs. Shaman and brihan are needed to avoid furthur complications. It sounds like Nija shotha, nidaan- marmopghata and mithyaupchaar(smoking). Treat with Guda-ardraka yoga, reference charak chikitsa, 12/47-48. Good luck.

Thanks fir the detailed Explanation.... @Mansi Grewal madam

Pomegranate guava ginger figs apricots sprouts kalijeeri green leafy vegetables,grapes,dates sunshine walk,sendha namak,needs counselling calmness symphony music water sipping cool foods,mint, lemongrass decoction carrots celery onion,hot water gargles of turmeric powder and salt.no sugar alkaline diet beetroot sweet potato prayers no fried foods..no stress....when craving smoking.... give him pomegranates mint ..or orange juice pineapple with black pepper, prayers

Arsenic ,digitalis, apocynum, cactus may helpfull in this bt u should differenciate medicine in all among.... With give strophanthus Q bd for 7 days...

Rx Ars alb.

Needed to be under socialist observations

Emphysema Adonis vernalis 30

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