A 50 years male presented with weakness and vomiting for one month. Gastroscope unable to pass the duodenal bulb. What is the diagnosis?




Pyloric stenosis

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Adenomatous polyps of duodenal bulb.

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Pyloric stenosis.??

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Its a case of gastric outlet obstruction with hugely dilated stomach on barium with no evidence of filling defect in stomach differential diagnosis. 1 chronic duodenal ulcer 2 adult onset pyloric stenosis 3 CA stomach Needs resuscitation for correction of electrolyte imbalances evaluate with. Ct scan to identify any mass lesion. , endoscopy can be tried following therapy with PPI. And biopsy taken

Pyloric stenosis mostly because of chronic duodenal ulcer May associated or only maliganancy

Pyloric stenosis possibility of carcinoma, koch to be ruled out


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Pyloric stenosis..need to rule out malignancy at this age, by biopsy...

Pyloric stenosis CA Koch's Adv CT SCAN ABDOMEN P +C

Could be pyloric but I think problem in next valve or some fibrous material obstruction in next part to duodenum itself or may be some other cause of obstruction in it . Duodenum needed to be evacuated first to investigate by gastroscope.

# ch reflux esophagitis lead insult part of esop by acidic media. & thickning mms part giving resistance to endscope. as age exclude growth. Needs ruleout hpylori... Biopsy and start tt by giving acid blockers accept proton pumps +domperidome for 6 months. Also sleeping posture chage go on bed rt side.... Add isbagol husk as add feed... Litle change in life style....

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