A 50 years old female known Diabetic,Hypertensive patient got presented in ED with complaints of pain in whole abdomen since 3 days,fever of n on,abdominal discomfort,fatigue,restlessness O/e - CNS- patient conscious oriented. Cvs-S1S2 normal,Chest-B/clear,P/A-Distented,normally passing flatus n stool Bp-150/90mmhg,PR-120/mt,Sp02-maintain,RbS- 191mg/dl,Temp-100°F.A CECT whole abdomen was done with routine investigations.Need expert opine?



Inflammatory mass Rif ? Ruptured appendix

There is e/o asymmetrical circumferential Mural thickening of caecum ascending colon upto hepatic flexure showing heterogenous enhancement with luminal narrowing but without obstruction with perilesional fatty stranding with fat plane with adjoining liver lost ? Infiltration s/o ? Inflammation ? New growth

Get blood sugar ,urine for ketones.Control bp.She is in ketoacidosis. Needs aggressive management and strict control of diabetes with plain insulin.Full protocol to be followed.

Sir what is the diagnosis sir?

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Investigate for pancreatitis S.amylase..s.lipese and CRP

pancreatitis ? amylase lipase

@Dr. Sudhansu Mohanty @Dr. Kamal Thadhani Hypermglyceamia as noted. Hepatomegally. ?? Hepatoma .. primary. Fnac lft is normal .

She has an RIF mass r/o IC-TB / Rt. Colonic growth

Acute pancreatitis with pseudo cyst formation

Is there haematamesis and malen.a..


? acute pancreatitis

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