Is this case is about neuralgia?

A 45 yr female diabetic patient presents a trigger ring finger in right hand. Patient feels difficulty in moving her finger on her own and also in holding. Palm around the finger pains during palpation. This condition is prevailing since 5-6 months. What's the complications??




Overview :- Trigger finger is a painful condition that causes catching or locking of a finger as it is extended. Trigger finger is due to overgrowth of tissue in the tendon sheath (the protective membrane) of the flexor muscles, the muscles that ordinarily allow fingers to curl. Also called flexor tenosynovitis, trigger finger is a fairly common complication of diabetes, especially long-standing elderly diabetic patients. It is thought that chronically elevated blood glucose levels cause the connective tissue to become glycated, meaning that irreversible bonds between glucose and proteins form in the tissue, damaging it. Treatment :- Trigger finger is initially treated by injecting corticosteroids into the flexor tendon sheath. If this fails to completely alleviate the problem, The recommended surgical technique is “surgical release of the first annular (A1) pulley.” The surgery might be a definitive treatment (success rate up to 99%) but the complications can be seen and the postsurgical physiotherapy is still required for a long time.

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inj.depomedrol 40mg with inj. Xylocaine 5mg mixed together to be injected locally after every 3 weeks for 2/3 injections for recovery. Complications complete immovabilaty of fingers of her Rt. hand.

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@Dr. Viral Patel doctor please review this case I m confused with the pathogenesis

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