A 50 yr/M came to me today night with the c/o swelling subamandibular region o/e bilateral lymphadenitis,cough sometimes after food,anemia,no wt.loss,well build, lymphadenitis sinc3?months since 1month taking treatment from chest physician,and ENT,they dignosed him as reactive lymphadenitis,started him on oflox cefexime ,Aceclopara,and iron suppliment since 15 days k/c/oDM under control only taking Metformin,he had devloped rashes today morning. i suggested him xray cbc,what it can be dignosis please. I ll get his report by tommrow.



MRI screening of chest and ct abdomen showing axillary,mediastinal lymphadenopathy,abdomen precaval lymphadenopathy,with inguinal lymphadenopathy. cervical lymphnode sent for biopsy.reports ll be getting tomorrow

ct abdomen showing hepatospleenomegaly

reactive lymphnodes may be because of tb lymphadenitis, fungal infection, leukemia,mononucleosis, viral infection,sle,lymphoma need to rule out all see for chronic eczema which is one of the causes .

no eczema

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it can be a disease involving the reticuloendothelial system may be a case of lymphoma. look for hepatosplenomegaly

Agree with Dr. Yasir

Check Renal function and ANA profile. Skin biopsy may be conclusive.

dr.parvez today i examined again the patient on deep palpation of shoulder supraclavical lymph node palpable also inguinal lymph node too was palpable

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Thank you Dr. Gupta for sharing the final diagnosis.

you are most welcome Dr.Parvez,i ll try posting Bone marrow,and biopsy reports,thanx for the dignosis

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any history of alchohal, should go for lft and kft

no h/o alcohol,no considerable anorexia

Thank you Dr. Gupta for sharing biopsy results.

you are most welcome Dr.Parvez

What's the final diagnosis.....lymphoma?

Things are in favour of lymphoma

small vessel vasculitis /hsp

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