A 50 yr old male with history of gradual onset of breathlessness since 10 days presented to us with b/l pedal edema and fine crepitations in basal chest all features s/o volume overload.....There was no previous history of any comorbidity or drug intake....Discuss the treatment approach to this patient...



Pt is in renal failure .dialysis may b required acc to urine output and anaemia .no iv fluids and for high POTASSIUM levels give dextrose insulin drip and calcium gluconate also give sbc 5 ml per hr and do abg 8hrly for correction of metabolic acidosis

I do agrre wth dr sumit

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As per reports Severe Anemic, Hyperkaliemia, hypocalcemia, pt gng into Renal failure n metabolic acidosis Firstly do ECG iv calcium gluconate Maintain renal perfusion What abt Vitals? BP pulse urine output Correct Anemic state by BT units Chest Xray Maintain Hydration

Patient is severely anaemic/renal functions affected with metabolic acidosis nd hyperkalemia..... treat with parenteral iron /blood transfusion../o2inhalation /.. iv lasix/sodibicarb....

ESDR with anasarca, Cor anemic, hyperkalemia, hypocalcemia, metabolic acidosis with anionic, uremia and may be infective process. Begin dialysis, transfusional therapy, especific diet, research UTI, lung infection, skin infection...

Acute on Chronic renal failure Uncompensated Metabolic acidosis + respiratory acidosis. Severe anemia, hyperkalemia CCF with volume overload and possibly pericardial effusion Needs Hemodialysis. Blood transfusion. Inotropic support if required.

Pt. Is in renal failure urea, creatinine hyperkalemia fluid overload indicate need for dialysis anemia to be treated with blood transfusion s, radiology needed for diagnosis of medical renal disease gradeand renal biopsy, plan for renal transplant, anemia may be treated with dargen

Pt. Is in renal failure with fluid overload and hyperkelemia requiring immediate dialysis. Anemia and hypocalcemia is indicative of CRF. Renal biopsy may be planned later to find out about underlying reason.

He is in ARF you have not given his status of DM&HT he has uraemia and highcreatinine leves what is his urineout put he is critically ill and should be investigated and managed.


Yes the pt was found to have CKD Stage V and is being put on Dialysis and is respinding

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