A 51 Y/O Saudi male patient, with controlled hypertension and DM type II. He came with C.C " I want to clean my teeth ". He is a heavy smoker and did not brush regularly. His upper and lowe incisors are grade II mobility. From the beginning of the treatment the patient was cooperative and willing to modify his habits. Proper scalling and root planing was done and you can see the result. What do you suggest as further treatment for his moblie teeth specially the lower incisors?



Keep up the good work .. OH should be maintained .. Mobility splinting is needed for the lower teeth .. For the upper Central Incisors : Orthodontic fixed appliance is a good treatment .. since it looks like Class II Div.1 Case and has crowding anteriorly specially between #11 and #12 , the esthetic restoration can be done after orthodontic treatment . Thank you for sharing this interesting case Dr. Turki ..

Well done Dr Turki I think we just need to adjust the occlusion and splint mobile teeth.

Thank you Dr. Nohair. Yes as you said splinting of lower teeth is needed

OHI Patient motivation For Lower mobile teeth splint

A nice case to share, thank you! Splinting with fixed wire splint to the lower incisors for 3 months might be required.

For lower incisors i think you can give a try to splints regarding mobility n a flap surgery could also be performed to better the condition n to stop further recession n mobility

I think distma can't be closed by anything other than orth due to the large space, don't u think

I agree with you Dr. Hassan as any other interventions to close the diastema won't work. But in my openion I will not let go for orthodontic treatment due to multiple factors!


Fixed retainer will help

Great work Dr.Turki I would do splinting for the mobile lower incisors.

Splinting for mobile teeth .. Great work !

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