A 51 yrs old male came in Emergency with c / o Dental pain. One day before c/o Dental pain associated with severe headache, SOB, Sweating, Chest pain left side. Pt is k/c/o DMT2 On oral treatment. O/E BP=148/70,B.S (R)by GM =106mg/DL, By Pulse Oxymeter SPO2 = 98%,P. R=75/min. Urgent ECG TAKEN Which is enclosed. Please Respected Colleagues interpretate ECG & diagnosis and treatment. Thanks.

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Missing aVf St elevation with Fatty T wave in v1 to v3 Flattening of st t in aVl Rx as ischaemia Advice serial ecg If available stat Echo

Thanks to all my Respected Colleagues for Answering.

Its a case of anterior wall myocardial infarction.

Treat it as a/c/o UNSTABLE ANGINA, (if chest is clear on auscultation), get cardiac markers done, repeat ecg at 30mins, 2hrs, 4hrs and 2decho

I agree with Dr I Sheikh

Ant.SeptalMI.HyperacuteTwaves in Ant.Septal leads.

Cardiac enzymes and 2d echo.with repeated ecg to confirm acs

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