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A 52 yr old lady presented with complaints of left sided head ache , left eye pain and watering since 15-20 days , Past H/O Tuberculosis Right eye 3 yrs back taken ATT for 6months , No H/O cough , breathlessness , chest pain , fever , loss of appetite or weight . Montoux test - Positive (32mm with vesicle formation ) Fundus - No disc changes s/o tuberculosis CBC , KFT , LFT - WNL CXR & HRCT chest - WNL What is the further course of management ?



OTB can affect any tissue of the eye and manifests most commonly as TB Uveitis....Although it is rare but patient has already history of TB in right eye.... Tubercular posterior uveitis is the most common manifestation of TBU.. diagnosis of TBU is mostly based on clinical phenotype and immunologic investigations.... Refer to Specialist ophthalmologist

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Lt sided headache,lt eye pain and watering from eyes indicate some neurological abnormalities like migraine,cluster headache,tension headache or opthoalmological Abnormalities like block in duct system it needs evaluation by both neurologist and opthalmologist.adv MRI brain with PNS. and review sos.till then give tb noproxen 500 mg bd and adv pressing over the bridge of nose.

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Phlyctinular lesion at limbus are seen of tuberculosis Get ophthalmologist opinion As mt is strong positive will need ATT but under c/o expert

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Ref Neurologist.

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