A 53 year old female come with c/o Burning mituration, abdominal pain, feverish feeling, bodyache since yesterday. K/c/o - HTN, DM. plz diagnos..

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UTI Adv: urine culture Usg abdomen with PVR Find out the cause of hematuria


Haematuria due to stone .First give fluids antibiotics and pain killers When stabilized remove stone surgically

Haematuria due to stone OK What about albumin?

We have to focus on finding out the cause of haematuria. First go for urine culture and sensitivity test. Than go for usg of abdomen. As pus cells are there in urine treat the patient with antibiotics like inj.mikacin 500 bd I'v.for 5 days till culture report comes.go for s.creatinine and blood sugar examination. Start inj.insulin. to control diabetes. And control diabetes nicely

Uti do urine for culture and sensitivity usg kub 24 hr urine protein serum creatinine zifi400 bd by that time report comes

UTI with pyelonephritiy other investigation required is usg

Protein unlikely in PN


?Diabetic nephropathy ?UTI? nephritis Adv usg to rule out renal stone Tt-antipyritc analgesic, antibiotics, hydration Syp cital/stone1 for burning micturition!

S/o Renal caliculi With urinary tract infection nd hematuria.

UTI Identify the cause Do Urine C/S, RFT, Usg KUB, Uroflowmetry.

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