A 53 year old patient came c/o pain in left lower back tooth region since 3 to 4 days the opg reveils follicular cyst with other class of winter's classification of impacted third molar

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From the given radiographic image it seems that, It's inverted type of bony impaction in tooth no.38 associated with' Dentigerous cyst 'of circumferential variety causing pressure on the inferior alveolar nerve canal & causing displacement of 37 So the pain. Investigation Histopathological evaluation of the cyst content & IOPA with 38,37 Treatment - Surgical extraction of 38 with enucleation of cyst & endodontic therapy with 37 Under antibiotic coverage. Thanks!

Thank you Doctor!

ItIs impacted 48 invertly& dentigerous cyst developed . cyst involved 47 also . due toinvolvementof47&cystic pressure on mandibular nerve there is pain . Surgicalremovalof47&48 alongwith enucliationof cystic area required

Dentigerous cyst Extraction irt 37,38 with enucleation Followed by irrigation with h2o2 ND betadine dressing Followed by antibiotics ND Anti-inflammatory drug with multivitamins 45,46 rerct with caoh dressing required


Enucleate the dentigerous cyst.

Dentigerous cyst

Dentigerous cyst..Surgical removal..Extraction of 37 38 48 Re rct in 4546

Third molar impaction , if pericoronitis relieve it and give medications. Check other habits or systemic disease

Go for biopsy first .. D/d dentigerous cyst , ameloblastoma Surgical removal of 37 38 and enuckeation of the cyst

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