IHBD Calculi

A 53 yrs male patient have abdominal pain with distension , Icterus , Acidity , loss of appetite with following complications as shown in lab reports. Plz tell me the diagnosis and treatment procedures..... ECG normal...




CBD dialated bcz 9f distal cbd calculus Present ictrus is obstructive jaundice The hepatic cellular status 8s normal Hence ercp can relieve the cbd obstruction earliest and further any damage to liver can be saved Meanwhile pt can be put on 8v fluids with symptomatic treatment Adv ct abdomen to understand extrabiliary pathology 8f any seen Pt has prostatomegaly so if retention is significant will need turp

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This seems to be case of obstructive jaundice suggested by raised serum alkaline phosphatase label due to oresence stone or debris in distal part of common bile duct. At the same time liver enzymes like SGOTand SGPT is also raised may be due to intra biliary oedema due to back pressure due to obstruction by stone in distal part of CBD. Pt may be put on IV drip 10% detrose at least 2 bottles daily to support and rest to liver. Liver supportive Inj iv multivitamin infusion Tab Udiliv 300 mg bd Ater settling the condition pt may be put for ERCP for removal of stone from CBD with cholecystectomy.

Thank you doctor

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Jaundice with CBD dilatation , distended GB, h/o abdominal pain Raised LFT , mostly due to distal cbd obstruction with cholangitis, Patient should be managed by ERCP with stent and broad spectrum antibiotic, Further evaluation with MRCP And CECT will Reveal better for diagnosis and management.

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