A 54 yrs male complaining of burning micturation since 2 months. No other complaints. Diagnosis plz.



Burning micturition means UTI Cause as per pic suggests phimosis

Treated for uti with syp alkalith and antibiotics. No releif.

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Phimosis Advice Urine rm cs tlc dlc rbs kft Usg kub p +pvru X-ray kub Tt- Till then levofloxacin 500 od Urispas TDS Pyridium for 3 days Alkaliser TDS If no relif then go for circumcision

BXO...Balanitis...Xerotica....Obliterans...occurs in oldage....Do urine culture...USG-abd pelv.... BPH....and Diabetes should be ruled out....

Its balantis xerotica obliterans. Treatment is circumcision

Balanoposthitis with phimosis treat with doxy 100mg bd local miconazole oint followed by circumcision

Investigation: urine culture ,blood sugar level to rule out DM Dx:Urinary tract infection due to phimosis Treat uti with antibiotics Crct phimosis surgically to avoid recurrence of uti

He is non diabetics. Treated with antibiotics for 20 days. No responce.


circumcision will cure the problem.

Ch phimosis with toghting & may be associated with UTI so first rule out Diabetis antibiotics cover & circumcision

bxo. balanitis xerosa oblitrans. common in diabetes and old age. treatment: circumcision

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