what Should do for Dry cough? For One month

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Advice.... CXR Sputum for ZN staining +/- CBNAAT RE blood, CRP RT PCR of throat & nasal swab ECG /ECHOCARDIOGRAPHY These tests rule out TB (PTB, Pleural TB) , Pleurisy, Pneumonia (Covid or Non covid), Silicosis, Bronchitis, Asthma, Bronchitis, Peripheral eosinophilia, Cardiac diseases etc. Also rule out GERD by careful history. It sometimes may cause dry cough. Ask for ACE inhibitors intake and smokers cough. If all are ruled out then diagnose as Post viral cough if any preceding history of common cold at least 3 weeks ago. If so then it may persists upto 8 weeks but self limiting. In this particular case my PD is PLEURISY as recovered from pleural effusion. Treat with.... 1. Steroid mini pulse. 2. PPI 3. Monteleukast + Levocetrizine 4. Dextromethorphan or codeine containing cough syrup. 5. Amoxyclav with Doxycycline 6. Steroid MDI with or without Levosalbutamol MDI in resistant cases. 7. Warm saline gargle, Vitamin C, Zinc

Sir CxR now normal pt vitals are normal augmentin 625 and Azee 500 taken for 10 days before no Sputum CBC is normal and what about GERD ?

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Agreed with Dr. Golam. Dry cough may be due to GERD .. in this case. One can give Itopride or Acotiamide in such cases. Also use .. Levocloperasteine containing syrup. Avoid late-night food.

Thank you sir for mentioning

Give Allegra 120 and Ranidom for 4 to 6 wks along with plenty of oral liquids, vit C, Zinc and to thorough ENT review. Above all re assurance and psychological support.

GERD ? You Aspects Mam

Please prescribe anti allergic for example tab. Levocitrigin with montelukast with Anti tussive Syp. These cough will subside after 5 to 7 days

Taken but no response

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I agree with Dr Golam Mortuza

Thank you sir


Anti tussive syp you have given or not

Yes boss codine given also

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