A 55 yrs old female patient suffering with Corn, known diabetic since 4-5 yrs, already 5-6 times corn removed but still it is coming... please post the proper Rx. Thanque


agnikarma can b done post agnikarma jathyadhi ghrutha application Will be helpfull blood sugar levels as to be taken care

wonderful results. ...by...homoeopathy. ...in it. .. sec.cor...30... ant.crud..30... locally. ..Thuja..Q...

Thanque Dr. Mujahid khan

You can take homoeopathic treatment for your present condition. I am sure you will be ok within few days.

Dr.Hiyad , tie a paste of aloevera juice with turmaric say about 15- 30 days regularly . It works well

Thanque Dr Lokesh

You may try homoeopathic medicine Antim Crud 200, twice a day for a month to see positive effect.

in siddha treat it with Rasagandhimezhugu both int.and ext

Wash the wound with rasont and safutika. in warm water

thuja 1m antimcrude 30 tds thuja cream

Ant crud.30 BD sulphur.30 in morning

In Ayurveda agnikarm is helpful

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