A 55 yrs old female patient suffering with Corn, known diabetic since 4-5 yrs, already 5-6 times corn removed but still it is coming... please post the proper Rx. Thanque


wonderful results. ...by...homoeopathy. ...in it. .. sec.cor...30... ant.crud..30... locally. ..Thuja..Q...

Thanque Dr. Mujahid khan

for corn ant crud 1m helpful

imbalance of vatta& kapha dos. Basic treatment kshara Karan using gaumutra &yavakshara maybe use agni Karan after it bandaging the local area with thematic paste &alloevera to promote healing Balancing of vaat&kapha dosh should be done

Ant crud.30 BD sulphur.30 in morning

SALACTIN PAINT (Mfg By Nulife Company) Local Apply on Corn Area Upto Wks Insha allah don't Need to do Excision.

Excision followed by dehan karam using jatyadi tail

You can take homoeopathic treatment for your present condition. I am sure you will be ok within few days.

Please give her Antim. Crud. 200 / 5 drops in one teaspoon of water three times a day for one day only. along with sac.lac. 30 / 5 drops in one teaspoon of water three times a day for one month.

surgical intervention is not successful go through homoeopathic medicines e.g antim crud ranunculus Hypericum

In Ayurveda agnikarm is helpful

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