A 56 yr old man came fr emergency room ..wt a mug full of blood... C/O swelling of right leg fr the past 6 months... swelling increased with pain fr the past 15 days... he says he is vomitting blood fr the past 6 hrs...about 2 mugs.. O/E conscious,orinted,febrile, pallor present,no icterus,rt lower limb oedema present, PR_ 108/min BP _ 90/60 mm of Hg spo2 _ 74% CVS _ nad RS _ b/L creps+ cns - conscious p/A - soft LE... SWELLING of size 15×7 cm over rt thigh,,hard,,mobile,not warm,,in rt thigh distal limb oedema+ plz tell your DDs and Rx point of views.. THANK YOU



Large anterior thigh swelling (malignancy) with extensive lung secondaries. Patient is in fact having massive haemoptysis and is confusingly thinking that he is vomiting blood. Is about to land in shock due to volume loss.Needs urgent attention and blood transfusion. However UGI endoscopy and gastroentrologist opinion could be sought after initial stabilization.

Thank you sir

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Sarcoma with mets

Sarcoma with canon ball mets in lungs

Soft tissue tumour with secondary lung Mets propably sarcoma.blood loss should b corrected,surgical opinion,biopsy,MRI or PET for further Mets.....DD's are benign tumour, inflammation,abcess,DVT,haematoma,cyst, hamangioma,Mets from other cancer


Sarcoma with secondaries in lung

Its a case of sarcoma with metastasis.

Soft tissue sarcoma with multiple secondaries. Stabilise and Chemo after stabilization

soft tissue sarcoma with lung metastasis ( canon ball)

MRI image shows a large mass within the Vastus Lateralis muscle. Large Anterior Thigh Sarcoma. X ray shows Cannon ball opacities in chest from primary lung cancer.

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