A 58 year male c/o left arm pain with left chest his angiography and all cardiac test normal and x-ray chest normal no smoker what's wrong with this and what is it's treatment.


C5 6.C6 7 degenerated discs with bulge Disc osteophyte complex causing root irritation and radiculopathy Analgesics Muscle relaxants Gabantin will help Intermittent cervical traction in physiotherapy Soft cervical collar for two weeks MRI after two weeks if no relief

Cervical spondylosis with C5 C6, C6 C7, dics space redused with osteophyte present Complete bed rest Cervical collar Cervical traction Physiotherapy Sleep with out pillow Tab zerodol T BD x 10 days Tab mahacortDz 6mg BD x 10days Cap rabikind D 1 BD before meal x 10days Tab calcium citrate meliate x 1 month Tab vit D3 once a wks x 4 wks Tab myelamin OD x 1 month Calcium rich diet Early morning walk to expossre sun

Cervical Spondylosis Rx Tab. THIOVIB A 4 (Thiocolchicoside, Aceclofenac, PCM) BD for 5-7days Tab. CARVICAL PLUS OD for 2-3 months Tab. GABAVIB OD H/S Night For 1-2 months Cap. CARVICAL D3 Weekly one Tablet for One Month Advise your Patient to Use a Thin Pillow Advise your Patient for a Soft Cervical Collar usage through out the Day Advise your Patient to take good rest Advise your Patient for Cervical/Neck exercises suggested by a Physiotherapist..

Pls send shoulder xray. Cervical spine appear relatively normal. Rule out adhesive capsulitis coracoacromial adhesion. Posture correction during sleep travelling etc.

multilevel osteophyte,disc space reduce Cervical lordosis reduce, muscle spasms may be present on palpation Physiotherapy management is Hot fomanetation,tens, neck extension exercise and strengthening .

Cervical spondylosis with loss of lordosis.... Start with postural correction of parient if thr is tenderness on neck start cryotherapy 15 min thrice a day otherwise hot water formentation, electrotherapy modality like IFT , Us and when pain intensity vl come down after 3-4 days start Neck isometric exercises and also check Trapezius spasm too if patient is having spasm than gve ice on it and start MET (Muscle Energy Technique) or MFR (Mysofascial Release)....

Spndylitic changes ...reduced space between C5-C6 Physiotherapy treatment -: Tens,ust hot pack, isometrics exercises, sometimes can give cervical traction also

Physio treatment TENS MHT TRACTION Isometric ex. Of neck

C5C6 disk osteophyte complex Do mri

It's case of cervical spondylosis . C5-C6, C6-C7 disc space reduction . Refer to Physiotherapist , patient will get good relief from pain.

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