A 58yr male patient is suffering from I b s since last 6 months.also done fistuloctomy in February21



A thorough case history shall help to arrive at the individualised constitutional treatment. I b s is curable in homoeopathy by following the principles of Homoeopathic Science laid down by Master Hahnemann.

Thank you @Dr. K.suresh Kuzhikandathil , @Dr. Saadullah Khan

Holarrhena 1x 2tab tds

Thank you dr@Dr. Rupali Potade

Please go for constitutional Homoeopathic treatment.

Nux vom Carb veg

Berb-vulgaris 200. CP 6x

Glycerzya glabra potencies for IBS...

Avoid: oily and spicy food, fibers foods and liquid intake proper . Nv 200 night, cv200 morning

Nux, Vom, chrlidonium, Q Carb veg 1m weekly

Silicea can cure it

Plz describe more symptoms to find out remedy

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