A 59 year old female presented with this condition of the lower

A 59 year old female presented with this condition of the lower leg and feet. She feels pain in legs when she stand for longer time as well as at night. otherwise patient is healthy. What is this condition and hoe can we treat this.




This is one type of vericocity of veins. Some times due to bruised on particular place. When bruised then obstruction in circulatory system then staying blood will be non O2 so gradually locally veins and arteries also going to be same. So pain occurs . We should try to free the obstruction then automatically reduce pain and gradually changes colours of veins and arteries. and pt. will be cure. Cal. Flour. 6bd. Amy. Nit30 bd. may be helpful medicines.

Varicose veins, limbs elevated, application of nirgundi +jatyadi tail locally, tab centis 1tab bd give wonderful results as it is on initial stage, arogyavardhi 250 mg +gandhak rasayan 125 mg +kaishor guggulu 250 mg +giloy satva 125 mg mix and should be taken with honey bd, panchtikta ghrita guggulu 2 tab tds, mahamanjisthadi kwatha, avipattikar churna 2 tsf with luke warm water hs

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venous hypertension.. Varicose vein.......Rakta mokshna, manjistadi kshar basti.. Kaishor guggulu, manjistadi quatha, etc.. With limb elevation, stockings, avoid prolonged standing, limb elevation exercises, cycling exercise while lying on bed, dorsiflexion of foot etc.. Shows some good results in my clinical practice..

Vericose veins.............homeo Rx best, many med are there esp Carb-veg, calc-flour, hamamelis, caulo, puls....and above all after complete history right simillimum will be the best treatment for the person suffering.

Its Vericose Vain.... Nidana Parivarjana is needed.... I agree with @Dr. Amitesh Shukla sir... You can also add Naagkesar in this prescription.....

Varicose veins Advised Sclerotherapy at the earliest With regards

VENOUS INSUFFICIENCY Venous insufficiency is a condition where the flow of blood through the veins is inadequate, causing blood to pool in the legs. It can be caused by several different vein disorders, but it’s most often caused by either blood clots or varicose veins. Treatment options depend on what’s causing the condition, Advice for color Doppler Study of limbs as well as lipids profile evaluation. Advise to reduce weight and obesity, avoid prolong standing, leg elevation and compression stockings.

Varicose veins Siraj Shaithilya calf muscle exercise leg elevation change in posture alternate.(avoid long Standing,Long sitting.) Mrudu Abhyanga or Taila Parishek Treat as Arsha Pyloin Capsule 1BD apane Pyloin ghrut (Sane Care) Or Dusparshakadi Churna i/o Pyloin cap. Basti.

Varicose veins, but I think, first check her digestive system, or if she has any problem related to diabetes, diet is also important in this age, this is not only Vaat vyadhi but this problem is because of Cough vyadhi, so only treatment of Vaat vyadhi cannot cure her.

Only 2 medicine need 1st is vatrakras ras 2 bid with lukewarm water before both meal and caster oil 2 tablespoons before dinner for 4 weeks and see result Avoid divaswap and need calf muscles exercise Thank you

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