A 6 year old buffalo is very weak, debilitating conditions since 4-5 months, having ocular secretions, not eating properly. Already treatment has been done for trypanosoma n babesia. Plz suggest treatment



Animal seems to be emaciated Give intense fluid therapy, perinorm,rumen buffer and rumenotorics, vitamin and mineral supplement antiinflammatories antihistamine, and deworming if it is not done and take the feed history and then provide green fodder and concentrate

Sir ADM calcium supplements to boost metabolism See previous anamenesis Work on it give immunomodulators See effect of broad spectrum deworming

Around area of animal indicate that animal having fluke infestation so give treatment for flukicide available fluid therapy with liver tonic animal respond well as per my opinion.

Vague and generalised history . Emaciation indicates chronic low TDN and CP deficiency, pulmonary leisons including abscesses,parasitism, nutritional anemia. We should have basic clinicopathological workouts. Fluid supplimentation is a short term measure in dehydration, antinflamtories and antihistamins are symptomatic in the presence of presenting coditions. Deworming can be indicated with long term dietary correction. Ivermectin @ 200ug / kg can take care of MF and internal nematodes. Oxyclozonide 10mg / kg oral is recommended for paramphistomes and Triclabendazole for fascioladis. Rule out TB by taking the help of local laboratory.

.Dr S N Shrivastava According Symptoms the Buffalo is suffering either from traumatic pericarditis or heavy worms infestation !please look for posture also, just for proper diagnosis To Dr vinay

May be suffering from hepatic infection as the conjunctiva is congested emaciated anorexia any broad spectrum antibiotics with liver extract injection oral feed supplement

May be some liver disfunction...pls go through a good liver tonic with multivitamins

Go for tuberculin test also

Severely dehydrated seems low feed intake check dung output probably a case of impaction {check flank area ,rectaly examine rumen}, torsion , intussusception of intestine{wallowing behaviour}

Iron Multivitamins and calcium Magnesium vit D3 good balance feeding fallowed, Blood and Fecal sample must be examine for parasitic infestation, and go accordingly,

It is case of microfilariasis .1ml/50kgbwt.s/c ivermectin. if required then rpt. after 48 hours.3gm oxytetracycline in 500ml n.s I/v for 3days.

Please read 1ml/50kg bwt. S/C Ivomec.

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