A 6 yrs girl with this type tounge which dz suggest?



It's geographic tongue.This is a condition that gets its name from its map like apeearance on the upper surface and sides of the tongue.The telltale sign of geographic tongue are irregular smooth red patches on part of the tongue.In most cases any pain or discomfort will get better without treatment.

it's not geographic tongue, where one can see irregular red patches. it's scrotal tongue

Fissure or geographical tongue Tab Rebazen tid for 15 days Tab Folic acid OD Tab Vitamins A 600000 iunit. Cream Laxanox application All for 15 days.

sir vit A 600000 units per week per 15 days or per month sir plz adv sir

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no worry,no hurry-time will heal

Fissured tonngue, it's congenital.

fissured tongue. B complex supplements

Fissured tongue..or geographic tongue.. advise tongue cleaning..

Geographic tongue

Geographic tongue, Start multivitamin

its not geographic tongue . its a fissured tongue... no treatment required.... ask to maintain good oral health....give good oral health instruction and regular cleaning.and mouth wash use. because in these type of pts halitosis will be there...thanks

fissure treat with Antioxidant

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