A 60/M old MRI brain reveals high grade glioma. What is the further investigation and treatment of choice?



PET scan reported as multiple lesions including lymph nodes. Supraclavucular lymph node biopsy. High possibility of TB .MRI brain shows central necrotic area. Ref to surgeon for biopsy ,further management as per biopsy report.

Do a pet ct to rule out metastases or any primary focus. Relevant serological inv . to rule out tuberculosis. If all negative .consult with neurosurgeon for operability and oncologist

I've attached PET-CT sir

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Core biopsy of glioma HP Prognosis poor Opinion of oncosurgeon

Primary CNS malignancies rarely spread outside the CNS. With hypermetabolic cervical LN, I doubt this is a primary CNS tumor. Would certainly do a biopsy of the cervical LN first, and see what that shows.

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