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A 60 years man suffering with white discoloration of skin for 5 years, gradually increases. Chilly pt. Tendency to take cold easily with yellow sputum < winter Chilly pt Appetite-good Craving- warm foods Thirst - less with coated tongue Perspiration- less Stool-regular, sticky Urine-normal Mind- talkative Weak memory Please respected doctors suggest medicine



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ars alb is medicine vitiligo chilly tendency to cold catch warm food desire thirstless talktavie

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Vitiligo. A disease that causes the loss of skin colour in blotches. Vitiligo occurs when pigment-producing cells die or stop functioning. Vitiligo is caused by the lack of a pigment called melanin in the skin. Melanin is produced by skin cells called melanocytes, and it gives your skin its colour. In vitiligo, there are not enough working melanocytes to produce enough melanin in your skin. This causes white patches to develop on your skin or hair. Corticosteroid...Orally or injectable


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agree with@Kute Ankush Vitiligo Rx Brihadmanjishthadi kashay syurp 20ml BD kahdir powder half teaspoon bd. Amyron tab 2bd SH 1bd for 3 to 4 week,

Liver detox beetroot kidney detox detox coriander juice.. every half hour thin slice of ginger....lime juice... pomegranat es... lemongrass decoction carrots sprouts kalijeeri alkaline diet no sugar no nonveg diet no eggs no mushrooms no fried foods no processed or fermented foods and beverages... decoction of lemongrass ginger haldi crushed pepper.. cauliflower broccoli purple cabbagecorn...paalak... vitamin d.. sunshine...figs water hydration...needs counselling calmness symphony music ...under strict supervision of Doctor Saheb

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Vitiligo Puva exposure Lotion methoxalen NeosporLen forte a/d25 mg Ars sul flav30 chew tds

ars alb is medicine vitiligo chilly tendency to cold catch warm food desire thirstless talktavie

Merc sol , sepia and /or Mica ,, can also be taken

Dx Vitiligo ??? Rx Constitutional remedy with PQRS.

RX Vitiligo DX Sulphur 1 M single dose Ars Sulph Flav 6 X TDs Psoralia Q external use BD

@ vitiligo

and locally, Cutis cream

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