A 60 years old female presented in the surgical OPD with H/O ulcerative leisons both breasts for the last two months. No axillary lymphadenopathy. Biopsy has been sent from the edge. Diagnosis and management?

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Mastitis,pyoderma,ca breast

It looks like a case of Paget's disease do Abit biopsy proceed further

Pagets ds

Could be Pagets disease. Proceed according to the HPE report

inv. required and Biopsy

D/D 1.Tuberculosis 2.Granulomatous mastitis 3.Pyoderma gangrenosum ,a immune complex mediated neutrophilic vascular reaction. 4.Friction with bra and Candidal exacerbation. 5.Carcinoma breast 6.Pagers disease. 7.Bullous pemphigoid. However the awaited biopsy report is main stay of further evaluation

Paget's disease

CA breast, mastitis, pyoderma gangrrnosum.. Histopathological examination should be donr

Carcinoma Breast

Sir May be Paget's ,

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