it is a case of rheumatic heart disease. Mitral stenosis with MR TR WI

A 60 yr old female admitted with h/,o.palpitations & chest pain.she had such one episode 1 month back.which was relieved with some medications. Details of which are not available. On examination she had irregular pulse.on auscultation M1 is loud.she was managed in icu.ecgs on admission & after 2hrs of icu management are posted. Pl discuss what could be the diagnosis. and plan of management. Pt is comfortable in 2hrs of management. 2d echo is done & final diagnosis is done.her cardiac enzymes are normal



It is a case of Rheumatic heart disease Ms with Mr Tr with ph With atreal flutter fibrillation. It is detected for the first time she must be having it since is the intriguing & interesting part of the case she is stable now.she is in diltiazem for Af.she is put on with warf to prevent any future thrombo embolic events

Ecg show Atrial Flutter with variable av conduction Most probably Valular heart diease

Sir. ECG and chest x Rays are normal. It looks like anxiety Start Tab escitalopram 5mg. Od Tab tryptanol 25mg. Hs

Atrial flutter with variable block Saw tooth pattern visible in V1 though ECGs are not clear

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