A 64 year old male on tacrolimus, brought with tachypnea and low O2 saturation (50% RA). Deterioration with fever over a week. Note the miliary appearance of infiltrates in this COVID patient.



Bilateral military infiltrates involving more than 50 % areas of pulmonary tissue an indicative of severe COVID case with ARDS and requires ICU care with high flow nasal oxygen requirement , with aim to prevent the patient in progressing to critical stage ..Also needed supportive treatment will parenteral antibiotics to prevent sepsis and antiviral therapy

Thank you for nice update A new type of X ray finding in COVID 19 Perhaps because of immunocompromised status as he is on tacrolimus which is very strong immunosuppressant

Unlike the typical pneumonia pattern, this is military mottling. Previous existing military TB , carcinomatous lymphangiomatosis should be ruled out . We are likely to see atypical presentation of COVID infection more and more.

Bil diffuse parenchymal reticulonoduler infiltrations seen. Poorly defined parahilar heziness seen. Rt basal densed opacity seen.

Bilateral miliary infiltration Not more than 50% O2 saturation Fever over a week Severe COVID-19 cases with ARDS

Ards ild rt lower pleuritic pneumonitis rt apical & midzone kochs admitted pt covid positive with o2 saturation 50 percent o2 therapy with hydroxychloroquin 5 days antiviral azithro500 mg of 5 days cbnat

Ground glass appearance COVID 19 with ARDS case. Needs further investigation and evaluation and regular monitoring In ICU unit with ventilation.

Thanks Dr Vipin Bihari Jain

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Both lung fields are hazy more in right lung due to the patchy pnuemonitis typical of ARDS with low saturation which is noted in most of COVID patients needs ICU treatment with planning of antibiotics and symptomatic and close monitoring

Oxygen requirement is bedly affected, which is said to be prime sign of COVID19.. Supporative treatment should be eithe provided or ready for any time..


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