A 65 y/o female patient was advised ECG following the following compaints in the OPD: 1. Oedema in legs. 2. H/o Asthma 3. H/o Diabetes 4. H/o Hypertension 5. Exacerbation and fatigue. This was the ECG report. What are your thoughts?

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ECG - WNL Needs further investigations and evaluation to conclude and line of treatment.

Thanks Dr Narayan.

Low voltage Flat St segment in multiple leads Check S.K, S.Calcium level


Bilateral edema may be because of right side heart failure if pt having chronic respiratory problems,or may be CRF,so pt require RFT and Echo also,

ECG appears to be perfectly normal. Needs more information. What medication she is taking for DM,for HT,her Hb status.

Inverted p in V1 so poss LAE, no LVH. No RAE. No RVH though poor transition in precordial leads

QRS amplitude is less in limb leads, poor R progression in chest leads.

ecg normal except for low amplitude but p in V1 May be normally negative

Ecg is normal , RFT s are need to be donee

ECG -WNL.check haemoglobin,RFT,S.TSH

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