65 year lady with recurrent hypoglycemia

A 65 year female complaining of recurrent hypoglycemia since few weeks and she has to take a plenty of sweets for that all the routine investigation like liver function test, renal function test ,CBC are normal blood sugar remains around 80 _85 level and the serum insulin level is very high it is 300 what should be the next thing to be done here.


Hyperinsulinimia Dear dr you have not mentioned wether pt is diabetic or nondiabetic or taking any OHA Anyway if pt is nondiabetic high insulin levels suggest insulinoma of beta cells or glucagon is not secreted hence we need to study respectively Second thing bsl levels quoted are random or fasting Certainly hypoglycemia is a critical condition and need to adress

Patient is non diabetic and the report shows fasting insulin level

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Insulin show hyperglycemia so pt is on any diabetic drug or not maybe drug effect or opinion of endocrinologist

Thank you doctor

It's a case of insulinoma & ct / MRI pancreas to find out tumor , check if pt has other endocrine abnormalities

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