A 65 year old female presented to OPD with complaints of breathlesness and dry cough for last 3 days. She has tested negative for COVID 19 Antigen test report. Spo2 - 87% Pulse - 62/min BP - 100/70mmHg Kindly comment on line of management for such patient?




Cardiomegaly LVH with bil diffuse parenchymal infiltrating shadows seen. Radiolicaly looks like CCF Pulmonary edema. Only negative thing is pulse rate normal, which goes in favour of pneumonia,especially viral etiology. Even clinical history sugg of acute onset of dyspnea and cough. ABG shows compensatory respiratory alkalosis. Adv RT PCR for SARS cov 2. Treat as per protocol. Early investigation, treatment including, antiviral therapy, NIV would be helpful.

Ground glass appearance of both lungs Basal fluffy opacities Cardiomegaly Elevated right dome of diaphragm DD Covid pneumonia, though antibody test is negative, RTPCR is likely to be positive . Cardiac failure, pulmonary edema ARDS CKD

Thank you,Doctor

Huge cardiomegaly Bilateral ground glass haziness ABG pt is in respiratory alkalosis and P02 is 80mm ECG is WNL This is a c/o covid19 pneumonitis/ cardiomegaly 1st test may come negative

Thanx dr Sandeep Ghodekar

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Apparently Cardiomegaly may be CCF/ Pulmonary edema in early

Cardiomegaly seen, Angiocard plus drops(Homeo drug)&for cardiomegaly is the drug of Choice for quick relief+Repitus cough syp,for symptomatic relief as emergency, Leter on go for Covid19 to confirm

Cardiomegaly with Pul oedema HRCT chest and RT PCR for covid 19 ABG shows respiratory alkalosis

CCF. propped up position, O2 inhalation, NIV, inj lasix.Investigations such as Cbc, creat, rbs,electrolytes.BNP,2D Echo

Cardiomegaly bilateral lower love ggo rt side mild pleural effusion consider covid/

ABG and ECG are wnl.x ray shows b/l lower lobe patchy fields.kindly advice HRCT chest and routine plus inflammatory markers.RTPCR also

Negative Antigen test doesn't rule out CORONA infection.... If viral load is low, it maybe negative. RT PCR is diagnostic . B/l patchy consolidation s/o b/l pneumonitis ?viral .

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