A 65 year old male patient presented with an ulcerated swelling on the forehead since last 4-5 years and which has slowly increased in size over the time and became ulcerated for the past 3 months. What is the diagnosis and treatment according to you.

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May be case of Squamous Cell Carcinoma. DO biopsy before starting any treatment.

Agree with suggestions given by @Dr. Venkatesh K. N. SIR.

Looks like seborrhic keratosis. Give Acid nitric 10m single dose and allow enough time before following up or changing remedy.

Brown warts/basal cell papillomas/ seborrheic keratosis. Ulcerating tumours are also known as fungating wounds, malignant wounds or ulcerating wounds. Advice..........Biopsy, DD. ulcerated haemangioma

Better to go with Biopsy....


Nievus or Venus haemengioma it ulcerated hence biopsy is needed to r/o CA.

Seborrheic keratosis , Acid Nitric Thuja Occidentalis 1m

प्रथम रोगी की बायोप्सी कराएं ताकि उचित परामर्श दिया जा सके।

Thuja 1M one dose. SILICEA 30 thrice daily .

Dr ssreddy. Ksharataila. Ex madhusnuhirasayanam. With. Rasamanikyaras. For three months

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