A 65 year old man presented with a history of sudden onset of abdominal pain radiating to back. He is a heavy alcoholic since 15 years. You observe the following on abdominal



Cullen's sign of acute pancreatitis or hemorrhagic pancreatitis..

Cullen's sign Acute Pancreatitis NPO Amylase , Lipase , LFT, Blood Sugar USG Abdomen OBSERVATION IN ICU

acute pancreatitis with bluish discoloration of peri umbilical area called cullens sign, pt to be kept nil per oral; to be started on iv broad spectrum antibiotics, iv ppi, iv tramadol, iv antiemetics, iv fluids; monitoring of blood glucose if presenting with hyperglycaemia, monitoring of pancreatic enzyme levels, ct to rule out any gall bladder stone related pancreatitis, ulinatrypsin can be tried

Cullen's sign seen in acute haemorrhagic pancreatitis. Other similar sign is Grey -Turner sign .It is indicative of emergency and is a bad prognostic sign

cullen's sign of acute pancreatitis as history suggest lntake of alcohol for pretty long time. ,

acute pancreatitis

Acute pancreatitis


Gray Turner sign suggestive of acute pancreatitis,treat in ICU using Ransons criteria

Cullens sign retroperitoneal haemorrhage s/o acute pancreatitis

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