A 65y h/m complaining back pain and radiating towards left lower limb. But after giving so many treatment still he is having constant pain over illiac crest. please suggest Physiotherapy treatment.

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Lumber spondylitis Rx---physiotherapy is a way, can investigate serum Ca,D, B12 &then treat according, will help more?

Thank you doctor

L5 S1 I've space reduced.spondylotic changes.DDD .Physio.IFT US traction exercises.if no relief mri and orthopedic opinion.

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Try to mobilise thoracic spine. Strech of hams & piriformis muscle. Concentrate on core muscles especially local, Strengthen them & proprioception exercise will help more and improve his daily activity like standing, sitting, lying etc.

ILT, TENS, mckenzie exercise , neural mobilisation , Ultrasound over localised pain area and medication.Should get MRI for confirmation . Also consult with neurologist for better treatment

Just mobilise si joint as left one is high in x-ray with compare to right.isometric abdominal in hook lying position ,gentle lower trunk rotation and strengthen gluteus medius minimus along with stretching of iliopsoas and hamstring.this much would be enough for this patient.dont rely much on modalities

No need MRI, Minor osteophyts seen, straightening of lumber spine, PT treatment- TENS, UST and moist heat After relieving some pain then start spinal extension exercises

Work on core strength as this x-ray showing lack of alignment and just perform long sit test and check changes in limb length to rule out innominate rotation if any fault correct accordingly either via hvla and teach MET to maintain correction

If no relief than MRI

Thank you doctor

Disc space reduce L5 S1 Chances of listhesis (x ray is over shadow) Use belt Spinal isometric Abdominal strengthening exercises Avoide spinal ext exercise After ex. UST or SWD

Lumber spine straitening, osteophysts multiple levels ,retrolethisis L5 vertebrae

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