A 68 year old female presented with a tumor mass involving the head of the pancreas. Histopathological images are provided. need your comments.


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Sections show tissue Tumour tissue showing Duct like structures composed of tumour Cells having foamy cytoplasm and thick eosinophilic apically placed cytoplasm in few, pleomorphic, increased N:C Ratio, irregular nuclear membrane, atypical mitoses, desmoplastic reaction, scanty inflammatory cells with Neutrophils &Occasional lymphocytes. Features are of Malignancy : Adenocarcinoma Possibly : Ductal Adeno Carcinoma Moderately Differentated : Head of the Pancreas. ?Ampullary Ca


Infiltrating Mucin Secreting Adenocarcinoma of Pancreas.

Its a case of adenocarcinoma.

Ductal adenocarcinoma mucin secreting

Adenocarcinoma head of Pancreas.

undifrentiated adenoca

Pancreatic adenocarcinoma.

Mucinous adenocarcinoma

Adeno ca


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