a 7 month old female baby has a skin infection over both the cheeks in front of ear , back , flexor areas of hand and legs for the past 3 weeks...very mild itching present..pls diagnose and provide treatment plan




Atopic eczema. Any family h/o atopy. Rx....Mild soaps,regular moisturizer 1%Hydrocortisone if itching is severe and oral antihistamines. Explain the chronicity and recurrent nature of the disease and the aggrivating factors of the problem to the parents.(councilling )

Eczematous dermatitis / Atopic dermatitis

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Tinea corporis Atarax 2mg/kg/day Antifungal cream locally.

Atopic dermatitis

Seborrheic dermatitis? /Atopic dermatitis?/dermatophyte infection?

Tinea FACIEI. Topical luliconazole and keep the area dry with antifungal dusting powder

atopic dermatitis. to stop cow's milk.wheat product. Dosetil cream od hydroxine2mg/kg tds

Taenia inf.give syp hydroxyzine 2mg/kg/day.candid b ointment.ketoconazole soap

Is there any pediatric dosage mam...?

This looks like Eczema to me. Light application of Mometazone ointment when ever there is redness or itching it will help. Keep the skin moisturised  frequently. Is the child getting animal milk or milk products?

No mam..only very mild quantity is added in bland foods..

Tinea facie

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