A 72 year old male underwent partial gastrectomy. specimens came in multiple parts including omental, peritoneal, sigmoid colon, pelvic implants and tumor fragments from the lesser sac. Diagnose the HP images.



P/O considering the histomorphology to be the same in all the sites, including stomach, features suggest the P/O : Poorly Differentiated Adenocarcinoma with multiple metastasis at other sites mentioned. High grade NHL - DLBCL. Advised IHC.

Myxoid matrix was also present between the tumor cells. The tumor had increased cellularity with nuclear pleomorphism and significant mitotic activity

poorly differentiated malignancy. IHC for categorization between epithelial, stromal and lymphoid malignancy

tumor cells were arranged in organoid clusters or sheets and composed of round to polygonal cells with central round nucleus, abundant eosinophilic or clear cytoplasm and distinct cell membrane

Mantle cell lymphoma? May be cyclin D1 useful. DD==enteropathy associated T cell lymphoma?

Lymphoma MALT

Lymphoma adv ihc

NHL - ?Maltoma.

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