A 72 yr female presented with fever, cough, chest pain and shortness of breath. DIAGNOSE



ANSWER: Chest Radiograph demonstrates a large,ovoid, loculated fluid collection with well delimited superior & Lateral borders occupying most of the posterior rt thorax. CT SHOWS a heterozygous Complex loculated fluid collection. DIAGNOSIS: EMPYEMA THORACIS. D/ D LUNG Abscess

Right sided encysted effusion, internal loculations with inhomogeneous density. on xray: few left upper zone infiltrates. one vessel (probably) and few small airpockets inside.

only xray: apart from loculated effusion esophageal dilation is a possibility: (mediastinal location, no fundic gas shadow) though outline of esophagus is visble in ct so acalasia is ruled out. so the d/d: tuberculosis, malignancy, hydatid cyst USG of lesion is suggested. aspiration and fluid study after ruling out hydatid

? Massive encysted pleural effusion right ,?? Ca lung

left heart border straightened.. left lung hyperlucent.. right bronchi vascular markings are not seen.. may be collapse cause there is acute presentation with breathlessness

Pleural effusion Rt. Side.

1. encysted effusion R side 2. consolidation R lower lobe

right sided lung mass compressing bronchi occupying mostly posteriorly

encysted plural effusion Rt. mitralisation of left border of heart

rt.massive effusion

Rt sided pleural effusion but without d trachea being pushed to d other side.so, malignancy shld always be ruled out

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