A 73-year-old male with a history of 5 vessel CABG 2 years ago and current CHF presents to the ER complaining of SOB. Who can identify his device shown here? and what is cause for SOB?



Rt ETT, left Central line, Sternal sutures seen. Straightening of left heart border. Rt heart large bore catheter seen.

Device shown is Cardiac catheter Ett in situ probably cause of SOB LAD

Thanx dr Sandeep Ghodekar

Sternal sutures and straightening of lt border of heart, with rt.heart catheter PACEMAKER

Thanks Dr Ashok Leel

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Pace Maker.

Thanks Dr Gyanendranath Tripathy

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Conduction disorder. Pace maker..

In addition to above retro cardiac air filled structure with canula/ tubing seen

This could be a left ventricular assist device ie LVAD,implanted for dilated cardiomyopathy?

Sternal sutures Rt heart catheter Straightening of lt border of heart

Sternal sutures Rt heart catheter Straightening of Lt border of hearts

Its a case of conduction disorder leading to requirement of pacemaker...

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