A 75 year old female presented with complaints of pruritic rashes which started from both arms and have now involved trunk region too in last 4 days. T2DM on OAD HTN on medications Her son also complaint that she had an episode of mild fever too today upon asking by me. I attributed to Viral exanthem and gave symptomatic treatment of Atarax 25mg TDS, Calamine + Aloe Vera Lotion, Tab Azilide 500mg OD to take care of superadded bacterial skin infection. Also advised to take plenty fluids. Please give your valuable comments. I refrained from using oral steroids as patient is already diabetic and secondly, using steroids could further suppress immunity and give space for viral infection.


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Scabies Viral exnathema

Papular urticaria, drug rash Insect bite Allergy is DD

These rashes are appears to be scabies

Thanx dr Pushkar ji Bhomia

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Scabies Permathrin 5% aplly Tab allegra 120mg

Viral Exanthema Scabies

Viral exanthema Scabies

?viral exanthema,? urticarial rashes.oral antihistaminics and calamine based topical application.

Viral rashes Rx Amoxyclave LUKOTAS-fx Itraconazole Oint Panderm plus



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