A 75 year old female with h/o electrocution today conscious oriented pulse very fast irregular bp100/70 . No significant complaints.ECG taken attached .no external wound present.adv duagnosis of ECG and management



Atrial fibrillation with fast ventricular rate. Go for cardioversion with amiodarone bolus 300mg f/b iv infusion for 24 hrs if it's tolerated well. But before doing so get 2d echo done and previous ecg because if LA is enlarged and previous ecg is s/o A.fib then go for rate control rather than rhythm control as a.fib still persist or recurs if la is enlarged. Give oral anticoagulant as per. CHADS2VASc score following 2 days of heparin.

atrial fibrillation

Atrial fibrillation

AF with controlled ventricular rate

Atrial fibrillation . Give IV CORDARONE 150 bolus fb maintaince dose.get ECHo t3 t4 TSH . LMWH 0.4 BID TO PREVENT THROmboembolism.

In addition to other Work up.

AT DISCHARGE CORDARONE for 3 month to prevent recurrence. Anticoagulation as per CHADS2 vasc score. I feel she will not require.single ANTIPLATELET and statin.

AF with Fast ventricular rate..... give inj Cardarone 150mg slow iv bolus after dilution... repeat 150 again if not reverted to SR....Cardarone infusion if necessary.... monitor vitals... get an echo to find out any structuralI abnormalities... add anticoagulant to prevent embolism

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