a 75 yr old male pt presenting of ghabrahat wth ???ECG?? Rbs 259



P.pulmonale S.tachycrdia Too much baseline artefacts narrow pointed T wave in many leads History is not adequate Check S.K D / D P.E Hyperkalemia severe COPD

P wave with a small terminal negative deflection Tall initial upstroke of P wave Indeed P pulmonale

NSR, sinus tachycardia P PULMONALE Right Axis Deviation Considering age and DM , observation, troponin, serial ECGS

Sinus tachycardia with cor pulmonale

sinus tachycardia

Sinus Tachycardia, do carotid manoeuver to rule out PSVT

sinus tachycardia

Tall p wave in lead 11 Sinus tachycardia S/o pulmonary pathology

Simple Anemia will also cause tachycardia; plz look into non-cardiac causes.

sinus tachycardia with LAHB ..no significant ST-T changes

lahb mean
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