A 76 year old male with a past medical history significant for insulin dependent diabetes mellitus, hypertension, and stage 3 chronic kidney disease presented with mid to low right-sided back pain, exacerbated by lying on his right side. There were no reported lower extremity weaknesses or paresthesias. His musculoskeletal history includes chronic hip pain status post hip fracture. His pain is managed without narcotics. Imaging was performed to evaluate the etiology of his back pain. Please help in the case.

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Multiple level degenerative disc disease Bridging osteophytes Correlates with age Scoliosis plus Pain likely to be due to root compression Analgesics Muscle relaxants Calcium vitD Gabapentin will help Lumbosacral corset Physiotherapy

Generalised osteoporosis Scoliosis lumbar spine L 2, 3, 4 region ( may be due to muscle spasm sec. to PID at L3L4 &L4 L5 Calcification of prespinal & paraspinal ligaments L3L4,L5 region Calcification abdominal aorta

DISH,( Diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis_pl cheak full form)

Its Baastrup's Syndrome sir

Degenerative disease of dorso _ lumbar spine.. some of the pedicle are sclerotic.. please do a MRI STUDY to rule out mets..

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DISH. Scoliosis, loss of lumbar lordosis, facet arthopathy, calcification of aorta,

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lots of ostrophytes.bamnoo spines. lumbo saccral belt for support.

Multilevel osteophyte,disc space reduce Lumber lordosis reduce, muscle spasms may be present on palpation Physiotherapy management is Hot fomanetation,tens, back extension exercise and strengthening .

Basstrup syderome

Thanku for sharing. Please share details /some good link regarding Baastrup s ds


Its Baastrup's Syndrome
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