what is treatment

A 8 yrs old boy weigh 24 kg suffering from malaria plasmodium vivex positive.. .. what is the best treatment????



Chloroquine 25mg/kg for 3 days

Wt of the pt is 24 kg so start tab Lumerax kid Ds 40 (artemether 40mg and lumifentrin 240 mg) 1bd after meal with milk for 3days and tad dolo650 half tab sos for fever followed by 7.5 mg primaquine 1daily for 14 days to prevent relapse

Tab-Quinine-300mg.. Bd.. 5 days Tab-primaquine-7. 5mg..od..7 days Syp-calpol(250).. 5ml..sos Do G6PD deficiency test before starting primaquine

24kg weight, start with artesunate 60mg stat followed with 30mg 6hrs 2 dose Chloroquine 250 bd

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Chloroquine ..