a 9 months baby having facial eruptions since 2months with no abdominal pain



i dont think this is p alba. its like previtiligo . but can b tired the treatment of desonide lotion . moisteriser and albendazole and gud diet fud .

Would Tacrolimus be better here (Than steroid)?

Pityriasis Alba Just give emollients and desonide . It is self resolving . Reassure the parents

albendazole syp multivitamin syp emolient oint

albendezole 5 ml weekly for two Retinol A application in night Vitamins 50000 I unit OD for 3 days Syrp Multivitamins OD

Pityriasis alba, atopy. emollients topical desonide.

Below two years no deworming,advised B- complex.

use of albendazole is advisable in infants also. so can be given

Pityriasis Alba .... Emollient and multivitamins would suffice Regarding deworming what sir (Dr.Giridhar ) mentioned ..... Antihelminthics like albendazole can be started well before 2 years ( just that the dose gets 200 instead of 400 what we prescribe for >2 years)

Pitryasis alba, no treatment unless very obvious as it recurrs n remits every 2_ 3 mths.Can apply mild steroidal cream 1% hydrocortisone cream.

Pityriasis alba.emollients, if required mild steroids eumosome.

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