A 9 year old girl presented with a hard, slightly painful, well-circumscribed swelling 4cm at the right mandibular angle, which was noticed by the parents 2 months before first presentation. There was no ulceration of the overlying mucosa. Mouth-opening was reduced to 32 mm due to pain. Paraesthesia was evident in the right lower lip. OPG given. what is possible diagnosis.



Cemento ossifying fibroma of rt angle cof is a benign osseous neoplasm consists of highly cellular fibrous tissue with varying amount of calcified tissue which resembles bone ...because of why dd would be fibrous dysplasia or etc .it is believed to be originated from periodontal membrane .female predliction 3 or 4th decade usually mandible.painless radiographycally well defined unilocular contains varying amount of radio opaque material .in above case lesion was closely resembling odontoma but I don't think so.

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DD Cemento Ossious dysplasia Osteosclerosis Odontoma Osteoma

Compound composite odontome....

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D/d Complex odontoma .. Nerve compression cause lip paresthesia

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Odontoma​?? Differential diagnosis required.Get CBCT done.Nerve compression can cause paraesthesia

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Cemento ossifying fibroma

D/D Osteosclerosis Complex odontome

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Osteoma Odentoma

Complex odontome... provisional diagnosis

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Complex odontome

Get a CBCT and do a histopathology examination. Lesion mass is compressing nerve, so paresthesia is expected.

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