A 9 yr boy having swelling and tenderness on area where parotid glands r situated of right side for past 2 months with relapse and remission with no fever and pain at that site according to patient parents.No medications have been taken for this.Dx and Rx pls.TLC...8.97;DLC..39,51,5,3,1;AEC...470



Differential diagnosis : 1. Mumps parotitis 2. Chronic Sialadenitis 3. Subacute Right Parotitis (unlikely due to normal TLC and absence of fever with severe pain) I personally am in favour of mumps parotitis since it’s incidence in this age group is quite high, with symptomatically supporting biochemical evidence in this case. Treatment would be conservative. 1. Adequate analgesia with Oral NSAID (syrup / tablets). 2. Antibiotic coverage to prevent secondary bacterial infection. Cap. Augmentin 325 mg twice daily for 5 days along with a PPI Pediatric dose. 3. Liquid - soft diet for a week to avoid mastication induced pain. 4. Close monitoring / follow up for 2 weeks. 5. Examination of other organ systems for complications e.g., mumps orchitis, etc.

Mumps mostly bilateral....even though unilateral at start...by 2 months history it should be bilateral. Need more history. Rule out dental cause. Need occlusal view X ray. OPG.

Mumps Sub mandibular lymphadenitis.

Treatment sir?

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The swelling seems to be due to root abscess of the tooth in rt lowerside or submandibular lymphadinitis

?PROTITIS Rt ?SUB MANDIBULAR LYMPHADENITIS Rx amox clav Ibugesic plus for pain n inflammation


From 2 months with relapse and remission?

Mums mostly Bilat.

Recurrent parotitis. Check parotid opening if any purulent discharge comes out or not. Check for lymph nodes. Treat symptomatically and with sialogogues.

Mumps Aub mandibular lymphadenitis

Recurrent parotitis or juvenile sialectasia of parotid gland Anti inflammatory and massage oral hygiene. If u/s shows sialectasia then short course of steroids

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