A 9 yr child is having such lesions since he was 3 yrs old and lesions disapper after some medication and appear again after some days, associated with itching.. occurs mostly in winter season.. please diagnose the case and prescribe medication

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Thank you doctor

Thank you doctors

Nummular Eczema?


Psoriasis Vit a and d Clobetasol salicylic acid Maintain nutrition hydration and hygiene Hydroxyzine sos

Psoriasis with Secondary infection Nadoxin plus cream for LA Moiste lotion for LA Tab Atarax 10 mg BD x 10 days Tab cefadroxyl cv 250 mg BD x 7 days Seacod, Evion 200mg, multivitamins, Antioxident BD x 1 month Maintain personal hygiene Improve general body health Intake Plenty of more water orally

Thanks Dr bharat sir

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Psoriasis Vit A and D orally. Maintain nutrition hydration and hygiene. Cream or oint containing coal tar or anthralin Salicylic and and lactic acid containing cream. Cortisone oint locally can be helpful.

Thanks Dr Manupradsad Dayaram Acharya.

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Nummular eczema (??)

Psoriasis ....

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